Wednesday, 6 July 2011

DJ Whoo Kid Presents Wiley - 'Creating A Buzz (Vol.1)'

The controversial Godfather of Grime is the fourth UK artist to team up with DJ Whoo Kid on a mixtape and let me tell you 'Creating A Buzz (Vol.1)' is simply epic.

Including his much talked freestyle 'I'm On One' featuring Giggs, the mixtape opens up with what could be defined an educational intro as Wiley shares few tips on how to create a buzz in the over-saturated industry.

Hosted by his schoolmate Ashley Cole (WTF? you might be asking yourself well you're not alone), the Eski Boy has crafted another musical gem. In real American style some autotune and couple of gunshots have been thrown in, but I can guarantee you won't find yourself skipping any track.

With skits from two UK heavyweights of cinema (Jason Stathan and Sasha Baron Cohen), 'Creating A Buzz (Vol.1)' spaces from Hip Hop to a more R&Bish sound, passing through Grime and our beloved Garage featuring G-Unit Tony Yayo, the mesmerising vocals of Alexa Goddard and Shanelle.

Overall one of those release you will blast in your house or car anytime of the day and of the year.

Download it from here.

Twitter: @WileyArtist @DJWhooKid


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