Friday, 26 August 2011

Who's The F*ckin Gangster? Rival sends for Z Dot

Shortly after Z Dot released his 'Gangster EP' including the infamous instrumental, Rival didn't waste no time to address the producer who, for unknown reasons, wasn't willing to send the East London MC the beat when the first remixes came out.

And Rival once again murked another beat (sending for Z Dot with explicit bars) and delivered one of the best versions of 'Gangster'.

Twitter: @JusRival

Look out for 'Constructive Violence' coming soon.

Marger feat Scruffizer & No Lay - 'Goonz' [Radio Rip]


Premiered on Logan Sama on Monday, Goonz is one of those angry tunes that just want to make you dash your laptop out of the window or just loot your neighbours' house. 

Taken off Marger's forthcoming 'Cheeky EP' dropping at the end of the year, it features two Grime heavyweights, Scruffizer and No Lay, giving this tune the 'WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEL factor'. Marger's gritty sound perfectly matches with Fizzy's unmistakable flow and No Lay's 'slap in your face' bars over another Grime gem by Sibling.

Don't forget 'Shadows EP' feat. Molly is out now on iTunes!

KIDS of GRIME X Flava D's SPECIAL Freestyles

Kids of Grime is back with a second series of freestyles. After Rude Kid, Kids of Grime has decided to collaborate with one of the most-talked producers in the scene, Flava D. With her filthy and dark production, Flava D's work rate has been impressive in the past few months and it's not surprising that some of the hardest Grime MCs have jumped on her beats.

Here are the first two episodes of KOG X Flava D's Special freestyles.

Discarda & Dispute - @discarda

He rhymes on, rhymes on and so does Dispute.

Ego (Family Tree) - @Ego_FT

Aim and bang! Ego never fails to deliver bags of hype even of a quick freestyle.

Don't forget that 'Actually Active' is out now on iTunes, Amazon and all major digital retailers.

Look out for the forthcoming Kids of Grime X Flava D's freestyles. All I'm going to say is HARD!

Twitter: @kidsofgrime @FlavaD_Producer

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Mixclique Vision - @RoyalTMusic Set at Cable - 13.08

In the past few days everyone has been talking about the memorable night at Cable last Saturday and, with the DJ sets available to download already, it's hard to decide who hyped most the crowd among DOK, Royal T, Swindle, Champion, Elijah & Skilliam, Terror Danjah and Kode 9. 

Although, Royal T is definitely in my top 3. Opening up with a remix of Wild Cherry's 'Play That Funky Music', Royal T got the Cable ravers dropping some next skanks to Orangeade VIP and carried on with his "epicality" throughout his set.

As if it wasn't enough, Merky Ace and Ego added up extra hype when they touched the mic. If you don't believe me, well have a look yourself.

Emotional video courtesy of Mixclique Vision.

Listen to the Royal T's live set below and download the mp3 here.

Also don't forget Royal T features on BBK's 'Tropical 2.0' out now on iTunes.

Twitter: @RoyalTMusic @Mixclique @MerkyAce @Ego_FT 

Kids of Grime TV : @Remel_London interviews Newham Generals

Kids of Grime and Remel London have recently hooked up with Newham Generals to talk about D Double E's 'Bluku Bluku' EP, their future plans, the album they are working on and the Grime scene in general.

'Bluku Bluku' EP is out now on iTunes and all major digital stores.

D Double E feat. Dizzee Rascal - 'Bluku Bluku'

Footsie - 'Do You Get Me Boss?'

Twitter: @kidsofgrime @Remel_London @DDoubleE7 @ItsFootsieAgain

Monday, 8 August 2011

Marger feat Molly - Shadows EP

With the official video having a great response within the Grime community and outside, 'Shadows' has shown (once again) the levels of Marger's lyrical content which perfectly works with Molly's vocals and Sibling's production.

With such a powerful track, it was standard procedure that some sick remixes would have accompanied 'Shadows' and UK heavyweights Preditah and Lewi White went blind in the studio.

Lewi White's Remix

Preditah's Remix

Marger's 'Shadow' EP feat. Molly is out now on iTunes (including Rockerz's remix).

Twitter: @itzmarger @SIBLINGJOINTZ @lewiwhite @preditah

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