Tuesday, 19 July 2011

DJ Sketch'E & Kwam Present 'The Surgery EP'

“Everything I do, I do for grime. I’m passionate about my music and rather than leave it too long after ‘Truth Hurts’, I decided the next release should come quickly - followers of my music are definitely in for a treat.”

The avant-gard Grime mc Kwam has teamed up with Nu Brand Flexxx DJ Sketch'E and he's back on the block with 'The Surgery EP'. Established in the underground scene, Kwam stands out for his sharp and consistent lyrics alongside is unmistakable flow delivering refreshingly witty music.

'The Surgery EP' is available for purchase from kwammc.bandcamp.com but also on iTunes and all the major digital retailers.

Read Kwam's full interview with Frankie Frank (@FactoryElectric) here.

Listen back to last night (Monday) Logan Sama's show with Kwam here.


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