Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Styler - 'Perfect Timing EP' out July 25th

If you didn't already know, GFam's comrade Styler is about to drop 'Perfect Timing EP' and believe me no better name could have been chosen for his upcoming release on Mind Of Grime Recordings.

Featuring Dimples (GFam), Rival, Nico Lindsay and Kwam, the EP is not your classic Grime release, but it's more experimental and it sees Styler exploring diverse sounds as natural consequence of his artistic growth.

With Skillioso, Spooky, HK and Chillz on production, the five-tracks EP includes the certified banger 'Styles', 'In The City' and 'Home Alone'.

'Perfect Timing EP' which will be available both digitally and physically from July 25th from all the good digital stores and physical copies will be available from

Look out for Styles' interview with The Grime Report in collaboration with UK Urban Wave coming soon.


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