Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Jendor - 'When It Rains It Storms'

"Dun dem... 321 dem, dun dem... 321 dem"

OGz member Hollowman Jendor has dropped 'When It Rains It Storms' increasing the ongoing buzz around the South East London crew, which recently delivered the massive 'Blacks and P' mixtape. Featuring comrades P Money, Blacks and Little Dee, the release also see Grime heavyweights Jammer and Trim on 'Dun Dem 321 Dem' as well as vocals by Randy Valentine, Mimi Bohemez and more.

Dark and melancholic beats alongside a more upbeat production make 'When It Rains It Storms' a diverse release sound wise, which includes epic instrumentals such as Plastician's 'Japan', matching the variety of topics Jendor deals with.

'When It Storms It Rains' is now available for purchase from iTunes and all the major digital retailers.

Twitter: @hollowmanjendor


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