Rinse FM's Spyro is already living his dream, more or less. He's Tinchy Stryder's Tour DJ and regularly accompanies him at some of the biggest arenas and festivals around the world. But that's not really what makes him so exceptional; it's being the kind of DJ that other DJs dream about being
What makes Spyro 'Top 3 Selected' amongst Grime DJs, is his breathtaking ability to take Pioneer CDJs and turn them into a musical instrument. This instrument makes crowds lose their minds
In a club, on his weekly Monday 5-7pm Rinse FM show or on his compilation CD, Spyro is pure, focused hype. 

"The way I select I will select any way, any how. I will mix a tune in the middle of the tune or at the beginning of the tune... I just throw them in the way I want to. Because that's the way I do it"

His mixing navigates skilfully through a blend of upfront dubs, exclusive VIP mixes and certified old school classics taken from an assortment of different scenes.

Spyro began mixing Jungle in his bedroom at the age of 14. He collected records feverishly alongside Boy Better Know's DJ Maximum, playing House & Garage before eventually moving into Grime. After appearing on nearly every pirate radio station in London he got his big break in 2005; a show on Rinse FM.
Working his way up from the graveyard shift of 3-5am on a Wednesday morning, he soon earned himself a flagship slot; 7-9pm on a Saturday before landing his new weekday Monday 5-7pm show. At first his mission was to break new talent, now he's just being Spyro and breaking boundaries instead. 

"I want to be in Tokyo... every week. I wanna be there man. I wanna be everywhere!"

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