Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Jammin - Call Of Duty EP - Free Download

Jammiiiiiiiiiiiin! If you are a regular listener of any Grime radio show you must have been waiting for this release as much as me (well if you haven't I don't care then).

'Wake Up Call' EP has finally landed online just over an hour ago and let me just tell you that it shouldn't have been given for free because it is BIIIIIIG! (Yes I'm on a hype...)

To accompany the talent of Jammin, the EP features OG's P Money and Blacks (Oh my God, oh my God...), fellow Nationality members RD, Imz and Blaze, BBK Jammer and Shorty and Rival.

'Wake Up Call' kicks off with pure hype: 'Call Of Duty' and 'OMG' introduce you to one of the best free releases of 2011 so far.

Lyrical gifted and with killer hooks Jammin has delivered a consistent release which you'll have on loop for at least two hours (especially if like me you keep on reloading the first two tracks).

Anyway as they say talk is cheap, so the best thing you can do is click here (I suggest MegaUpload link) and just turn the volume of your speakers to the max.

Twitter: @jamminmc

Artwork by RasEye and GhstHD
Photography by Verena Stefanie Grotto (Kids of Grime)


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