Thursday, 5 May 2011

ZDot - 'Gangster' feat Scruffizer, R.I.O, Warlock, Shifty, Revolver & Wariko

If you worship Grime you must have heard many DJs spinning this tune lately and recognised the madness ZDot has created with this beat.

London, Manchester and Nottingham Grime scenes come together with every single mc pays homage to this brutal beat with hard bars and the video couldn't have been any better (props to Chas Appeti).

Taken off the ZDot's fresh release 'A New Light', 'Gangster' is one of those bangers you want to blast out loud of your speakers with its infectious sound.

"ZED ZED ZED ZED ZED ZED Who's the f*cking gangster then?"

*raises her gun fingers*

You can purchase 'A New Light' on iTunes NOW!


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