Tuesday, 3 May 2011

M.I.K. & Merky Ace - 'Shut Down' prod. by Spooky

You know those kind of tracks that make you want to slap the person sitting next to you on the train or punch your neighbour in the face? No? Well after the first spin of M.I.K. and Merky Ace's 'Shut Down' you will.

With Spooky "The Spartan" creating magic on the buttons (this is the sickest remix of Rude Kid 'Jack Daniels'), 'Shut Down' is one of the most grimey track I've heard recently.

After the success of M.I.K. 'Do It' and Merky Ace 'Blue Battlefield', nothing but bags of hype dropping like bombs in this "gun fingers" back to back.

DISCLAIMER: Pitch Controllers doesn't endorse any form of violence, please don't take the first lines literally.


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