Monday, 30 May 2011

G-Shock session - Lioness, Leshurr and Amplify Dot

On Friday night #367 (Lioness, Leshurr ad A.Dot) was in full action at G-Shock East. The Grime ladies have literally shut down the place coming harder than ever and have caused havoc in the tiny shop.

With Lioness setting the levels with her famous F64 and 'All Black Winterness', the crowd simply went nuts when Birmingham finest Leshurr dropped her Chris Brown's cover 'Look At Me Now' and A.Dot kept up with the hype performing her latest track 'Semantics' featuring Kano.

Nothing but bags of hype on the night.

Big shout out to The Grime Report for the sick footage once again. Look out for #367 performance landing soon!


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