Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Mixclique Vision - @RoyalTMusic Set at Cable - 13.08

In the past few days everyone has been talking about the memorable night at Cable last Saturday and, with the DJ sets available to download already, it's hard to decide who hyped most the crowd among DOK, Royal T, Swindle, Champion, Elijah & Skilliam, Terror Danjah and Kode 9. 

Although, Royal T is definitely in my top 3. Opening up with a remix of Wild Cherry's 'Play That Funky Music', Royal T got the Cable ravers dropping some next skanks to Orangeade VIP and carried on with his "epicality" throughout his set.

As if it wasn't enough, Merky Ace and Ego added up extra hype when they touched the mic. If you don't believe me, well have a look yourself.

Emotional video courtesy of Mixclique Vision.

Listen to the Royal T's live set below and download the mp3 here.

Also don't forget Royal T features on BBK's 'Tropical 2.0' out now on iTunes.

Twitter: @RoyalTMusic @Mixclique @MerkyAce @Ego_FT 


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