Friday, 26 August 2011

Marger feat Scruffizer & No Lay - 'Goonz' [Radio Rip]


Premiered on Logan Sama on Monday, Goonz is one of those angry tunes that just want to make you dash your laptop out of the window or just loot your neighbours' house. 

Taken off Marger's forthcoming 'Cheeky EP' dropping at the end of the year, it features two Grime heavyweights, Scruffizer and No Lay, giving this tune the 'WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEL factor'. Marger's gritty sound perfectly matches with Fizzy's unmistakable flow and No Lay's 'slap in your face' bars over another Grime gem by Sibling.

Don't forget 'Shadows EP' feat. Molly is out now on iTunes!


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