Monday, 25 April 2011

Spooky, M.I.K. and Brainlokk at Blue Mountain (Bristol) - PICTURES

So over a week ago, I had the chance to experience the Bristol rave scene with Spooky on the decks alongside M.I.K. and Brainlokk on the mics: PURE HYPE!

The crowd went nuts to the sound of the Spooky, who played one of the sickest Grime sets I've ever experienced, while M.I.K. and Brainlokk had the crowd on lock with their bars.

Don't forget Spooky's 'Curry&Chips' EP is out NOW and M.I.K. 'Shut Down' feat Merky Ace is out on May 1st.

Also look out for Brainlokk's debut single 'The Inside' featuring Hannah Kae produced by Rapid.


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