Sunday, 3 April 2011

Logan Sama - Rival, Merky Ace and Kozzie - Grime set

Although it's only April, last Monday Kozzie, Merky Ace and Rival had everyone locked into Logan Sama gassing with a set called by many the Grime set of the year. The Grime Report headed down to Kiss to document the three mc's epic shut down. The so-called New Wave is really bringing us back to that aggressive and energetic sound we have been missing in the past years.

Don't forget Rival's 'Lock Off The Rave' and Kozzie's 'Spartan Remix' are out now on all the major digital retailers.

Merky Ace's much anticipated 'Blue Battlefield' is dropping at midnight - Click here!

Look out for his interview coming soon on Pitch Controllers.

Big up The Grime Report (@thegrimereport) for sharing this epic footage.

Follow Rival (@JusRival), Merky Ace (@MerkyAce) and Kozzie (@mckozzie) on Twitter.


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