Tuesday, 22 March 2011

D Double E - Bad To The Bone (Woo Riddim) - Live at G-Shock East

G-Shock Sessions have now become a ritual if you worship the authentic homegrown UK sound. Last Friday the Lyrical Farda D Double E had the crowd at G-Shock East on a different hype; ConicVision crew was there to capture every second of the mayhem the Newham General MC set off.

D Double has definitely got the formula to make a stush crowd skank.

If you're not already, follow D Double E (@DDoubleE7) on Twitter.

Follow ConicVision (@ConicVision) and G-Shock East (@GShockEast) on Twitter to stay up to date with the forthcoming events.

Thanks to @SilverChet for the visual gem.


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